Annabel Cole

Director Leadership Communications
Vienna / London

A journalist and coach with more than 20 years’ experience at leading media organisations, Annabel Cole lives and works between Vienna and London.

Annabel consults with current and future leaders to grow their capacity to communicate, effectively and powerfully. She believes passionately that leadership is a social activity. Hence the many other competencies that a leader must have become largely ineffective if the leader is unable to communicate successfully.

Annabel’s consulting work takes several forms: 

  • Regular coaching to grow a manager’s communications skillset
  • Working intensively with a client to prepare for a specific event, such as a shareholder meeting, a media interview, or an international business trip
  • Specific English-language coaching to improve a non-native speaker’s capacity to communicate accurately and powerfully in the world’s leading business language.

Annabel’s media career has centred around the communication of both complex and general interest stories, most frequently in print media. She has worked as a feature writer at leading UK newspapers and media outlets and currently advises organisations on their strategic communications.

Annabel’s leadership work brings together her media background with her work in professional development at the highest level.

Annabel holds bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Cambridge and is fluent in German and English.

Annabel Cole is CEO of Soft Power Media.