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Leadership &
Organisational Development

Growing Your People,
Transforming Your Organisation

Blue Danube works with you to drive leadership and organisational growth. In addition to our executive search work, we partner with clients across a wide range of leadership and development fields, such as succession planning, cultural and organisational change projects, and management assessments. 

We further offer coaching and strategic mentoring for leaders and high-potential managers looking to strengthen their ability to contribute to their organisations, or to manage a specific challenge or transition. 

Organisational Development

Getting fit for the digital future means providing support in digital transformation and functional restructuring.
As innovation and change coaches, we use a variety of possible methods from Agile to DesignThinking in a digital change process for your specific use case. Change management enables success of a digital transformation by: Vision and strategy work, communication, learning and support (coaching) of your business transformation.

In addition to measures aimed at culture and communication work and the support of key project partners, the strategic objectives represent the guiding principles of our initiatives and actions.

Transformation For Highly Effective Leadership Teams

The pressure of maintaining operational excellence within a dynamic marketplace is only one of the reasons why transformation projects are generally unachievable using internal resources only.

In many cases the specialist expertise is missing, management lacks perspective on benchmarking from other organisations, and in-house people have become blind to their own organisation’s strengths and weaknesses. Beyond this, it is difficult for internal managers to secure buy-in from colleagues for ambitious change agendas.

We bring the experience and tools to work with senior management on complex and sensitive transformation agendas, including high-performing team process-management. Executive team performance consulting is our proven method for enabling CEOs and senior executives to get traction on their strategy by fully harnessing the collective power of their executive teams.

Strategic HR Consulting

Strategic HR is at its best when human resources understands its role as that of a proactive driver of business performance and profitability.

Blue Danube works with business owners, executives and leaders to initiate and help facilitate business-critical decisions at the highest levels. We provide senior executives with a sounding board and serve as a trusted advisor for working through ideas and strategies, especially during periods of change. We additionally support line managers in their work, providing them with a valuable external perspective in their decision-making.

In our strategic HR consulting work we offer virtually everything an employer could possibly need from a first-class HR department. From essential day-to-day administration, such as onboarding, managing exiting employees, contracts and handbooks, through to complex employee relations issues, strategic change management, organisational design, and everything in between.

Management Assessment & Diagnostics

Management Assessments and Team Audits enable you to get perspective and insight on your team. They can be deployed to evaluate individual managers, or an entire board, management level, or team. Assessments can be carried out in the context of a strategic change project, an internal recruitment scenario, an in-house high-potential program, or in advance of an M&A transaction.

In our assessment work we utilize best-in-class diagnostic tools and frameworks to provide a broad, state-of-the-art, and benchmarked opinion on your people’s current profile and potential for future development.

Leadership Advisory

Our leadership advisory work focuses on the interface between management competencies and future strategic development, working with senior leaders as they confront significant professional, leadership, and organisational challenges.

In this work we develop relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect, while offering a rigorous process, robust challenge, and constructive, solutions-oriented support.

Our work here addresses issues such as public and government affairs, stakeholder communications, media training and coaching, crisis management, strategic operations, and organisational development.


Coaching is proven to be one of the fastest ways for a leader to grow, manage major transitions, and achieve improved results. As coaches we deploy an adaptive approach to enable leaders to reach maximum effectiveness. We believe that coaching is a development process that is guided by the coach but powered by the coachee.

We coach individuals looking to improve their ability to contribute to their organizations, to develop new competencies, to manage a change or a crisis, or to master a career transition. Such coaching might be employer-initiated or initiated by a current or aspiring leader looking to grow or master new competencies.