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Executive Search

We recruit the executives and key specialists to drive your organisation’s success

An organisation’s success depends to a very large on extent on the talent, competence, and suitability of its people. That’s why recruiting outstanding individuals and teams, particularly at management levels, is arguably a leader’s most vital task.

Blue Danube’s consultants bring years of experience leading complex, mission-critical, national and international executive search assignments. 

Our executive search work is built on best-in-class methodologies: systematic candidate identification, high-quality candidate engagement, structured candidate evaluation – to deliver superior and sustainable results.

Blue Danube aims to provide exceptional value to our clients, combining world-class expertise with a client-centred approach, underpinned by our company values of loyalty, integrity, and transparency.

Understanding Your Needs

Our work begins with listening. We listen closely and actively, utilising our understanding of your business and industry to appreciate the unique scope and challenges involved in the role under consideration, as well as the specific characteristics required of the future incumbent. We dialogue with you about real-world solutions based on our knowledge of local and international markets.

Identifying the Best

Our team possesses a broad regional and international network of senior managers in the industries in which we are active. This pool of potential candidates is complemented by further candidates from carefully prioritised target companies, who are systematically identified in the course of the search assignment. Here we draw upon the logical-systematic approach deployed by leading global search firms, drawing upon all manner of internal and external sources of information to guarantee a very high degree of market coverage, thus identifying many candidates who would otherwise be overlooked.

When drawing up a list of potential candidates particular attention is given to the question of a candidate’s cultural fit and to the professional environments in which they have gained their experience. 

Approaching Candidates

The way a candidate is approached is massively important for a search’s success. It is crucial that the consultant who approaches the candidate is a credible sparring partner, understands the role and the client’s organisation deeply, and is familiar with the types of issues that the candidate might raise. 

For this reason, we reserve the task of approaching candidates for senior team members. This is a strategic advantage for our clients, since it maximises the chances of successfully engaging the candidate in the search, contributes to strengthening our clients’ reputations in the marketplace, and ensures that we are quickly able to make a realistic assessment of a candidate’s suitability, motivation, and level of interest.

Evaluating Candidates

The question of whether a candidate will succeed in a given role is about much more than their academic and professional track records. 

At every point in the dialogue with candidates we are listening and probing to understand their professional DNA, their core competencies, and the professional cultures in which they might best contribute and succeed.  

In the context of personal in-depth interviews, based in part on an internationally-recognised competence-based interview methodology, we probe candidates to understand their profiles and to understand their ability to succeed and contribute to our client’s growth in the specific role in question. 

We then condense the results of these interviews, together with all relevant knowledge gained about the candidates in detailed confidential reports.

Successfully Closing the Search

In the course of the search we develop relationships of trust with the leading candidates, which enables us to act as mediators between client and candidate. Near the end of the search this means that we are ideally placed to understand the candidate’s priorities and to work with the client to tailor, and then communicate, an offer that is most likely to find acceptance. Based on our experience and our familiarity with the candidate, we can mediate to potential stumbling blocks to a successful hire of the desired candidate.